The Datto NAS is scalable network attached storage, that is backed up to the cloud.

Snapshotting – restore files/folders from any point in time, locally or in the cloud
Hot swappable hard drive bays for scalability as your business grows.
Data is sync’d to the cloud ensuring your data is safe and available


Datto NAS Benefits:

Datto NAS features ensures fast, flexible restores and efficient Cloud storage for each backup. Built to Datto’s exacting standards in the USA, devices are easy to install now and expand later.
Datto NAS comes equipped with hot swappable hard drive drive bays to grow as your business grows.
Easy to implement and use and configure it to meet your needs, and all of the data stored on that Datto NAS will be readily available locally.
Datto NAS dramatically reduces downtime & recovery time with backups saved locally and in the cloud.
Datto NAS can be installed and backing up customer data – and earning revenue – very quickly.
Datto NAS integrates with Windows and preserves all Windows permissions so administrators only have to set security policies once.


We will contact you for contract and billing information.

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