Residential Support


Residential Computer Support:

    • $145.00 flat fee for the first 2 hours then $80.00 per hour
      • Most residential service visits take 2 hours or less

Residential Cable Installation:

We do limited residential cable installation and often recommend instead to use one of the many excellent mesh Wireless Internet Systems that are available for Internet connectivity. Some of these mesh systems use wireless back haul technology with Ethernet ports built into the Access Point for wired devices making them a perfect choice for wired and wireless systems.

There are however some applications and instances though where Ethernet is the preferred or only way to go and in these instances fall  into the limited residential cabling that we do.

Contact us for your Wireless Mesh System installation or your wired network install.


Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux Operating System Support

We Install, Service and Support the latest Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS Operating Systems.

Available Day or Night

We work around your schedule with extended business hours to provide the help you need when you need it.

Internet Services

We can help you with Email, One Drive, Google Drive, Go Daddy, Drop Box, FTP, VPN and many other online services.

Wired or Wireless Networking

We identify and resolve issues so your wired and wireless network connection is performing at it’s best. We install, update, and configure all types of wired and wireless network equipment for home and business customers.

Virus Removal / Prevention and Content Management

We can help you get rid of virus’s, spyware, adware, and other harmful software that may be stealing your information or slowing down your system.

Content management is as important at work as it is at home. We can help you setup the tools to block access to adult, violent or other objectionable content.

Backup and Recovery

Being able to recover your files is vital when everything is digital. Get the right backup solution in place using cloud storage or a local backup drive.




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